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Lower your cholesterol

How to lower your cholesterol level?

Lower your cholesterol with an anti-cholesterol diet

  • To lower cholesterol, you need to limit saturated fatty acids, which is equivalent to limiting animal fats and beneficial to vegetable fats.
  • Omega-3 has a preventive effect on the cardiovascular system, so it is necessary to favor omega-3 (use fish instead of fatty meat, rapeseed oil ...).
  • Foods with a high cholesterol content should also be limited: egg yolk (up to 6 per week), organ meats, butter ...
  • Margarines rich in phytosterols can be useful (eat moderately and replace another fat) because they have cholesterol-lowering effects by reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.
  • Increase the share of dietary fiber: fruits, vegetables and cereals (bread, cereals, rice ...), favor whole grains, to the detriment of refined foods. Oatmeal rich in β-glucan fibers also helps lower blood cholesterol.
  • To help you, you can use low-fat products, but only if you are not using low-fat products as an excuse to eat more. Because overweight, especially excess fat in the stomach, is a very important cardiovascular risk factor, and people with too much cholesterol generally retain these fats! Therefore, if you are overweight, you should also make sure to lose it.
  • But beware, a cholesterol-lowering diet must be healthy, balanced, diversified and monitored for a long time. Therefore, the most common problem is learning to rebalance the diet.

Play sports !

Physical activity is essential, including in case of too much cholesterol, and in case of too much weight, and even more.

Exercising won't make you lose weight, but it helps a lot. As a result, it increases energy expenditure and improves the function of most organs, including the brain, which is the key to improving mood and appetite. Performance is not the objective, but critical coherence.

Therefore, it is better to walk 30 minutes a day instead of doing only one exercise on the weekends. The activity will adapt to everyone's possibilities, and don't forget that everything is important and that everything adds up, including hours of gardening, cleaning and DIY ...

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