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What if sport helped you fight the disease?

Is sport a solution to all ills?

You leave the doctor's office. Not only did he prescribe medication, but he also prescribed exercise! Unsurprisingly, physical activity is now considered useful for treating twelve chronic diseases: from high blood pressure to colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer, to osteoporosis.

A large number of expert reports which have just been submitted to the Ministry of Sports confirm this advantage. Cancer, diabetes, stroke, depression, arthritis or heart attack ... Depending on the situation, exercise can prevent hospitalization, relapse, even increase the survival rate, or more simply reduce the appearance of symptoms ( asthma), pain (Arthritis of the lower limbs). In short, sport improves the quality of life!

To distinguish the true from the false:

  • Physical activity is tiring => FALSE.
    Usually, fatigue is an excuse not to go to sport. But in fact, physical exercise can reduce the fatigue caused by certain therapies. As part of cancer treatment, 18% of patients feel more energized when they exercise. Generally, you will gain endurance and improve your sleep.
  • Elderly people must take care of themselves => FALSE.
    In the elderly, as long as they can exercise, they can postpone the loss of autonomy from 7 to 10 years. Certain exercise programs that help balance and strengthen certain muscles can reduce the risk of falls for people over 65 by up to 22%. Walking, tai chi or aerobic exercise in water are highly recommended.
  • A solution to depression => TRUE
    Exercise can help reduce anxiety, fear or depression. However, avoid putting unnecessary pressure on yourself by setting unachievable goals. Indeed, quitting a sport can affect self-esteem. Try activities like stretching or yoga.
  • We can become addicted => TRUE
    Exercise affects the production of endorphins, which are hormones released by the brain and provide a feeling of well-being. Sport can help you get rid of addictions: alcohol, tobacco, drugs ... However, you must be careful not to go from one addiction to another. Some patients are completely addicted to exercise.
  • Better to be regular => TRUE.
    In order to feel beneficial effects, regularity is important. And don't forget that physical exercise is more than sweat in the gym. Indeed, in daily life, it is better to use the stairs in the elevator, to garden or to walk. The National Health and Safety Administration recommends walking for 3 to 5 minutes every 90 to 120 minutes sitting.

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