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Baby from DNA of 3 people has been accepted in the UK !

The question on whether to allow the creation of babies from three people or not has now its answer, and it’s a yes !

This technique had already been approved by MPs and peers, received ethical approval and is scientifically ready.  The only missing approval was the one from the HFEA, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, which gave its positive answer today.

The regulator’s chair, Sally Chesire, described this decision as « a life-changing moment » for families who might benefit from this specific procedure.

Indeed, as she explains in her statement, the purpose is to allow parents who have a very high risk of having a child with a life-threatening mitochondrial desease to have soon a healthy, genetically related child.

Britain has already changed its law last year to allow modifications of eggs and embryos before their transfer into women, becoming the first country to legally approve the techniques.

With this treatment, scientists are able to remove the nucleus DNA from the egg and prevent women with mitochondria to pass the wrong gene to their babies. The resulting embryo is composed by the DNA from its parents and a third DNA from a donor, which only correpond to 1 percent of the final embryo’s genes.

However, this techniques will be controlled by the Britain’s fertility regulator which will evaluate each application sent by clinics.

Naturally, some critics appeared and certain experts underline the dangers of this technique and remind that women with faulty mitochondria should simply opt for egg donors.

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