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Informed consent

The use of Wisdoc may imply that users give information about diseases they have had or have or about their medical condition (although this is of course not necessary). It is therefore absolutely necessary to carefully read the following information before you decide to register and use Wisdoc.

What is “Informed Consent”?

Wisdoc is obliged to draw your attention to the fact that Wisdoc provides the possibility for users to review and/or gives recommendations about certain physicians and doctors. Doing so non-anonymously could lead other users to obtain information about your past or current medical condition. Wisdoc does not filter any information provided by users nor controls any action of the user on the platform. We therefore need your explicit permission and authorization to process any information or data provided by you as user of the platform (without the assistance of a medical professional) and therefore we are informing you of this before registration as user of Wisdoc and accepting the terms of service for the use of Wisdoc.

Of course WISDOC takes all possible measures to ensure confidentiality of your data and all information provided to WISDOC and your privacy.

Giving us explicit permission by accepting this disclaimer, your consent is informed.

Of course WISDOC may always be contacted if you should have any unanswered questions.