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  • QWhat is a WISDOC Friend?

  • QWhy is it useful to invite Friends and Family members into my community of WISDOC Friends?

  • QWhat is a Pending invitation?

  • QIf I receive an invitation from somebody, do I have to accept it?

  • QAre my recommendations public?

  • QCan I write comments?

  • QWho can see my comments?

  • QCan I share a recommendation that was made to me by one of my WISDOC Friends?

  • QWhat is the advantage to register myself via my Facebook account?

  • QIs the anonymity of my information guaranteed?

  • QHow do I know that recommendations are genuine?

  • QWhich countries are covered by WISDOC?

  • QWhich are the medical specialties covered by WISDOC?

  • QWhat is a recommendation?

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