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Wisdoc doctors for children

Are you a specialist?

WISDOC digitalises the medical referencing process from the patients’ and doctors’ point of view.

You can define the diseases, the diagnostic procedures or the medical or chirurgical treatments for which you have developed an expertise.

You will be recommended by patients in their community for your specialties.

Therefore, you will be found more easily and quickly for these specialties.

Why join WISDOC?

  • List your professional information
  • Define your practice locations and schedules
  • Indicate your specialties and sub-specialties
  • List links to online appointment scheduling
  • Access statistics about your online profile

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« More than ever, doctors will need to connect in with the app ecosystem or be left behind. »

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, San Francisco, 2015

Some statistics


This is the percentage of people who would like to manage their health and medical care through a medical app

80%of patients who are using mobile apps


This is the proportion of people who would like to be able to choose among several specialists (for example among several neurologists within their area)

80%of patients who want to have the choice


This is the percentage of people who are ready to search or recommend a specialist on a website or a mobile app within the community of friends and family.

75%of patients are ready to recommend specialists online


WISDOC verifies every patient review and allows doctors to recommend their peers.

The average rating of doctors on WISDOC is over 4.5

The medical and societal impact of WISDOC

Thanks to a more efficient referral process, WISDOC facilitates an earlier treatment by the most adequate specialist, and so contribute to a reduction of health care budget*

* Many scientific researches show that the earlier a disease or condition is addressed, the better the response to the treatment, the lower the probability of complications and the better the quality of life of the patients!

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