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Welcome to WISDOC

We are the founders of WISDOC and we pride ourselves on being all dedicated at improving the health of your, and our, family, friends and fellow citizens, by helping them find the best Specialists, for a frequent or rare disease, for a diagnostic procedure, or for a medical or surgical treatment.

WISDOC enable a greater empowerment of patients in their decisions concerning their health, providing an efficient, transparent and exhaustive access to all general practitioners, specialists, physiotherapists and dentists.

With WISDOC, the patient quickly and effectively selects the best specialist with the required expertise.

Evidence shows that well-informed, health-literate people are more discerning about their health, make more informed choices and decisions and are more likely to seek earlier diagnosis and recover faster.
A fast and effective referral to the best specialist will also contribute to a reduction of health care costs.

We commit at doing our very best to support you in this quest. WISDOC is a young company, launched at end of 2015, and we will strive at improving the quality of our services and of the information we're providing to you.

Please don't hesitate to share your suggestions.

We wish you an excellent health!


Our Founders

Laurent Pirard

Laurent Pirard

Chief Executive Officer
Maxime Dewelle

Maxime Dewelle

Chief Technical Officer
Sofie Vanderhasselt

Sofie Vanderhasselt

Chief Marketing Officer