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WISDOC helps you find the best Specialist recommended by the ones you trust.


WISDOC helps you find the best Specialist recommended by the ones you trust.

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Search and find the best Doctor for you among +400.000 Specialists in Benelux and France, based on recommendations from users, and more importantly from your Friends & Family


As a member, you can recommend a Specialist to your Friends & Family, on a specific disease, diagnostic procedure, medical or surgical treatment.

Ask your friends and family

At any time, you can reach out to your Friends & Family for a specific recommendation, anonymously if you desire; and even to your friends who are not yet members of WISDOC

Doctors 456.972
Hospitals 1.823
Countries Belgium, France,
Luxembourg and The Netherlands
The mobile app is available

The mobile app is available

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See how Emma finds the best doctor for Tom’s gluten intolerance.

WISDOC platform

At WISDOC, we know that finding the "best" Specialist, for you or for the ones you love, is important, but not easy, and ideally you also want a second opinion. Who do you trust more than your close friends, family and doctors to recommend the best Specialists for you?

WISDOC platform
WISDOC platform

WISDOC is unique as it lets you select your own personal group of Friends & Family, with whom you share values and preferences. A close community that you trust for recommending the best Specialists for you. A community you care about, with whom you want to share your recommendations too.

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